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malcolm mcewen

Malcolm McEwen

I decide to create a Linux wiki after repeatedly finding good tutorials on Linux file systems, Web server and  Wordpress installation only to be unable to find them again a few months later….

As I am not a Web Designer, Programmer or Hosting provider I don’t routinely create or move websites between or within servers. It’s not that I can’t or haven’t done so, I have, several times over the years but between times I forget. I forget the command line, one of the steps or where a file is located or what it’s called.

Often it’s the simplest of steps that eludes, a single key stroke, a start or stop command in the terminal. Nothing special and often so routine and obvious to a designer, programmer or host provider that they forget to mention it in their tutorials.  So I hope to create a Linux wiki, ONE that tries to parse the technical jargon of syntactic analysis and converts it into plain English.

Principally for my own use this is a manual and log for all the steps needed to build solid, reliable and secure Linux systems up to and including a local install of WordPress. 


In the page menu above the steps from powering up the machine itself to having a fully installed Linux file system running up to three Operating Systems, a Linux Server and a local install of WordPress are covered.

The post architecture is used to both compliment this with notes on the computers, the operating systems and the install process I encounter. With any issues, fixes and finds relevant to those three topics being placed there. However this is also a WordPress site and so in addition I will be building my own user manual, theme and plug in reviews within the same post architecture.

Navigation of the post architecture is currently via the top or footer navigation bars 

As with most sites, this one is under constant development and part of a whole framework of sites built, designed and created as a personal social experiment. Still in it’s infancy it is an experiment I write about on conceptual-reflections, my blog here at Working for a Free World (  You can find out more by visiting the home and about pages of conceptual reflections.

Last but not least; If you wish to contribute or have any comments or suggestions that might be helpful to my Linux wiki project then please use the sliding comment form to the left. As an anti-SPAM measure I have disabled all comments, pingbacks and self registration leaving just the sliding comment form. No maths question or eye test is need be undertaken to use it either and if you want your comment published then please indicate this in the box provided. By default comments won’t be published unless YOU indicated otherwise.


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